Saturday, September 09, 2006

The Sweater, Completed

Well, I finished the baby sweater. This is the same pattern that I've used 5-6 times when making a baby sweater. In fact, it's the only baby-sweater pattern that I've ever used because it's so easy and super fast. And hey, if I can do it, then it's REALLY easy.

What's best about it is that it's knit all in one piece, using one set of needles (as you can see in the pictures), all garter stitch. I imagine that you could make it ribbed or add some kind of pattern to it pretty easily. The original pattern actually has a hood attached, but I modified it to get rid of the hood. I think that hoods aren't practical for babies. I always worry about them turning their heads into the hood and smothering or something. Good thing I am not a mom, or else I'd worry myself to my grave, probably!

So anyway, I used Red Heart Baby Clouds in the color seashore, which is knit on size 15 needles. Gotta LOVE those quick, big yarns. Just one skein makes a sweater with a good bit left over. The pattern calls for using yarn that works with size 11 needles, but I did the math and worked it out for the Baby Clouds yarn. Even using the slightly smaller yarn/needles, this sweater is still a quick knit. I imagine a very industrious knitter could crank out one of these sweaters in less than 3 hours. Really!

Here's the finished product with the buttons on it:

Now, what I'd really like to see, is a picture of one of the actual babies wearing the sweater. I still have yet to see what one of these sweaters looks like on a cute, little, infant body!


Beth said...

Hi Gina -
Cute sweater. What was the original pattern? And what exactly are those yellow buttons, they look furry in the photo. I hope you are have fun blogging - I like stopping by.


Gina said...

Well, the original pattern has a hood attachd to it and it's done on size 11 needles. Otherwise, it's exactly the same. I don't remember the book that I got the pattern from, but I will go find it and let you know!

The buttons actually are lime-greenish plastic hearts. I used the yarn to attach them instead of sewing thread!

Gina said...

Ok the book is called Hip Knits: 65 Easy Designs from Hot Designers and it is at