Sunday, July 13, 2008

Home Again, and Thanks!

Well, I made it home in one piece. Overall, Donna and I had a great time in Ocean City. However, may I just point out how much I hate driving in New Jersey? Particularly CIRCLES. Who thought those were a good idea? Sheesh. Whoever it was should be frying for eternity in hell.

When I arrived home today I found a package of goodies awaiting me from my Dishcloth Pal! WOO! My secret spoiler was Ann Marie H. Here's a picture of the lovely, thoughtful goodies contained within the parcel:

The yarn above is 2 skeins of Pakucho Organic cotton. I really like the colors: sage green, and an almond brown. The other skein is 100% bamboo yarn in a lovely colorway that reminds me of seashells on the shore. It's so soft. I love just holding it in my hand!

On the left there are three divine soaps, all handmade my Ann Marie! Two are Cedarwood and Lime and the other is Orange and Lavender. They smell terrific! I can't wait to use them! Also in the package was an absolutely beautiful washcloth (seen in the back).

Thank you so much, Ann Marie! I absolutely adore everything!


Anonymous said...

What a lovely package! Sounds like you had a great swap partner!

Beth said...

What a nice surprise to come home to! It sounds like your time in OC was much better than mine. I was so happy to be home.

Anonymous said...

Hi Gina
I'm so glad you like everything.
I loved putting it together for you.
Ann Marie