Thursday, July 10, 2008

Mini Vay-Kay

So tonight after work I leave for a mini-vacation with my sister, Donna. We're heading to the Joisey' Shore, Ocean City, NJ. Donna is part of Temple University's Alumni Association. I think. Or maybe she's just on their mailing list? Whatever. Anyway, they are having an alumni weekend at the shore. Family and friends are invited. Since Donna doesn't know how to drive (long story), she invited me along. It should be nice, though. I haven't spent time at the Jersey Shore (beyond a day-trip in Atlantic City, which doesn't really count) since I was like 15.

We're staying at a place called the Scarborough Inn. In fact, my family stayed at the Scarborough 2 or 3 times when we used to vacation down there. This was pre-Donna, so you can imagine how long ago it was! I remember one summer that we were there; it was the year that Princess Diana married Prince Charles. So what was that? 1980? It was called the Scarborough Hotel back then. They've totally renovated the place, too. It looks positively lovely. I recall playing shuffleboard with a bunch of old ladies. Well, actually, it was more like them making me fetch the pucks when they would shove them under the shrubbery. Ah, memories.

We come back Sunday morning. Then it's back to the grind. But we do go back to Virginia the week of July 20, so that's all good.

Oh also? I know Christmas is a long way off. And my birthday won't make it around until next May, but seriously, I want these, like STAT. For reals.

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