Thursday, July 17, 2008

Stupid Rental Car

I just sent this on the "customer support" page of Budget Rental Cars:

Several things:

1) I entered a coupon code online to receive 10% off this rental and I did not receive it.
2) I never received an e-mail confirmation of this rental until 4:49 pm on the day I picked up the vehicle, which happened to be 49 minutes AFTER my scheduled pick up time.
3) The car, while fuel-efficient and suitable for my needs, smelled horribly like cigarette smoke. I clearly stated (it's on my confirmation, too) that I wanted a non-smoking vehicle. This made the 2 hour car ride to my destination less than enjoyable.
4) Upon return of the vehicle on 7/13, I was greeted by a very grumpy representative who was unhappy that I returned the vehicle 20 minutes before the actual "opening" time of the Budget office. She didn't even bother to offer me any options as to what I could do to return the car without having to have a representative check me in. I had to ask her and she grudgingly gave me an answer. I filled out the front of the rental-agreement envelope and put the keys on the counter and asked "Can I just leave this here?" She didn't even acknowledge me with a response. I can only assume the car was returned properly, as I received an e-mail from Budget asking me to enroll in the RapidRez program.

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