Tuesday, July 29, 2008

One Down, a BAJILLION To Go

I forgot to mention that before I left for VA, I finished a baby blanket for a professor at work whose wife had a baby (a boy). I knew I was going away and he only teaches 2 days a week. So I stayed up one night until 2:30 in the morning (not even kidding) to get it done.

It's done in the Log-Cabin pattern. Overall, I think it turned out ok. I used Bernat's Denim Style yarn, which is 70% acrylic/30% cotton blend. Very soft. I used the stonewash colorway, which was a grayish blue with white. Instead of doing all garter, all the way, I mixed it up a bit by using seed stitch for one trip around, and then double seed stitch on my last go around. Since it was in monochrome, I really wanted it to have something at least a little interesting about it.

Oh and I just have to say, I fucking hated picking up the stitches. But after this, at least I am good at it. Still hate it, though.

The professor seemed happy with it!

Here are a few pictures. Incidentally, this was really hard to photograph!

So now I just have to finish knitting for the 48 million other people that seem to be having babies. I started another blanket for a colleague at work who had an adorable, teenie-tiny baby girl (a little bit of a preemie). Then another colleague is having a baby in October. And I just found out that my long-time friend from grade school is 5-months pregnant with her second child! HELP MEEEEEE.


Anonymous said...

That blanket looks awesome!

michelle f said...

I love that blanket - but no way am I picking up all those stitches! I still have to finish the damn corner-to-corner blanket, and I have another friend due in six weeks!!! If you find any quick and easy patterns, pass 'em on!

Gina said...


Michelle, I have a few go-to quick blanket patterns that I found for free! I'll e-mail them to you!