Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Happy Birthday(s)

So yesterday was Todd's birthday (June 30). He is 37 years young. We took the day off from our respective jobs and spent the day doing a whole lot of nothing, which is a nice way to spend a day off. Although we did manage to get in a little cleaning, so we're not entirely derelict.

Today is Hercules' birthday. He's 4 years old. It seems like yesterday when we picked up off the street a scrawny, 6-month-old kitty on a bitterly freezing morning in January 2005. I think he's much happier with us and the rest of the Waters brood. He loves Todd best of all, too. It's kind of cute.

Also, Marsha, you will be happy (and amazed) to know that I remembered to say "rabbit, rabbit" today when I woke up! Woot!

I sent off my package to my Dishcloth Pal on Thursday. And in an amazing feat (the planets must have aligned), she got the package on Saturday! SCHWING! So I can tell you that my downstream Dishcloth Pal (my spoilee) was Michelle F.! I really had a blast this time around. It was great spoiling Michelle and getting to know her better. And now I have another knitting bud. :-D

Oh and! I finished my Grrr washcloth! I'll get a picture up here soon! It turned out really well. It's SO cute!


Katie J said...

Happy Birthday Todd and Herc!

I'm so jealous you remembered Rabbit! Rabbit! I've been trying desperately to do that.

Anonymous said...

Very excellent! I hope you wished for something good! :)

(This is the funniest word verification I've gotten in a while: "xxkgooo")

Beth said...

Happy Birthday to Todd and Herc!